The Black Feminist Manifesto

The Black Feminist Manifesto is an artist collective supporting feminists of color through online exhibitions and periodical zines

New Skin

Brown is cool, I wanna  be tan. Yea real tan, make me dark like that girl who sits next to me in class. But not too dark, not like that boy who sits in the back with the hood on, no he’s black, pitch-black, scary. Just a few shades, just a few shades darker, then I’ll be happy. I wanna be golden, like those mixed girls I see on TV, like those exotic girls in the videos who all the guys want. I want all the guys to want me, so I gotta get tan. Don’t wanna be black, just wanna be brown, not too brown, no I wanna be caramel, latte-skinned so the boys will want me too. Yea, light brown, get this pale white skin off me, trade it for a nice brown coat, a nice light brown coat of cool, clear skin, not that chocolate stuff, just that mocha cool creamy Beyonce’ glow stuff yea that’s what I want. Take me to the tanning booth, put me in the sun, give me my new skin fast, just for a few weeks, just for a minute. Not for too long, no I don’t wanna be brown forever.